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Recommend a Friend to DCC

At Drone Cover Club we pride ourselves on offering great value Drone and Model Aircraft insurance combined with a friendly and helpful customer service team. As such many new members who come to us do so on a personal recommendation from an exsisting members. As a heart-felt thank you to those members who recommend us to their friends and family we offer up to £5 reward for every recommendation that leads to a new membership.

How to Recommend a Friend

Recommending a friend to DCC is simple; just give them your Membership Number!

In the Reference and Promotional Discounts section of the Buy Membership form they should select "Recommended by DCC Member" and enter your Membership Number into the box which appears below.

Recommend a Friend

Occassionally, if a user lands on the DCC website through one of our marketing campaigns, the Reference section will be automatically completed and not appear on the Buy Membership form. To overide this please follow this link to Clear Cookies set by the DCC website.


DCC Recommendation Rewards

Earn up to £5 for every recommendation!

One of the ways we like to thank our Members for their continued loyalty and support is through our Recommend a Friend Rewards Scheme. For every new Member who takes an Annual Membership we'll give you a £5 reward. The more people you recommend the bigger your rewards. For new 6 Month, 30 Day and 2 Day Memberships we offer rewards of £4, £3 and £2 respectively.

We recognise that not everyone's needs are the same so we offer 3 ways to claim your reward; choose between:

  • DCC Discount Code redeemable against any new membership or renewal
  • Amazon Vouchers
  • Charity Donation to your choice of Cancer Research UK, NSPCC, Help for Heroes, Dogs Trust or Oxfam
  • Recommenation Rewards are issued in the first week of each month. If a new Member has entered your membership number in the Reference section of the Buy Membership form we'll email you at the beginning of the following month so that you can chose how you would like to claim your reward. DCC Discount Codes and Amazon Vouchers are delivered by email and Charity Donations made on your behalf by DCC.

    If you believe you have made a recommendation but have not received an email by the 15th day of the following month please contact us and we will be happy to help.

    Recommend a Friend