Syndicate Membership

If you are a member of a Flying Club or Association you may wish to consider joining as a DCC Syndicate. For groups of 10 or more persons wishing to sign-up together, Drone Cover Club provides Syndicate Memberships at discounted rates.

Syndicate Members enjoy the same Drone Insurances and other benefits as our standard Memberships; including:


Each Syndicate Member is entitled to the same insurances and benefits as a standard DCC membership, both whilst participating with the Syndicate, and independently. Every member will receive an individual personalised Evidence of Insurance certificate.

As well as our standard insurances, Syndicates also benefit from up to £10million Employers' Liability Insurance for paid and voluntary employees of the Syndicate. This ensures that all employees are protected in line with current UK legislation.

As an additional benefit, Syndicates may also purchase one-off, daily, Guest Memberships to provide insurance for visiting parties. Guest Memberships are charged at a rate of £2.95 per guest per day. Guests may fly only under direct one-to-one supervision of a DCC Member who has successfully completed the Basic or Advanced Drone Safety Certificate. Accidental Damage, Loss and Theft insurances do not apply to guests.

All Syndicate Members are entitled a £5 discount, currently reducing the annual Membership price from £29.95 to just £24.95 per annum. The discount is given in recognition that a single annual payment involves less administration for the company and we are able to pass these savings to the Members.

Login to Your Syndicate Area

Existing syndicates can login below to purchase and renew memberships, download Evidence of Insurance certificates for all members and update contact details.

Syndicate Area

Become a DCC Syndicate

Please complete our syndicate registration form to provide us with contact details and information about your syndicate. We will review the application and either approve your syndiacte or request further information. Once the syndicate has been approved you can start purchasing discounted memberships for each member of your group.

Every DCC Syndicate is assigned an annual renewal date and Members can be added / changed at renewal each year. If a new Member joins the Syndicate part way through the year the Membership will be charged at the pro-rata rates, currently: 9-12 months to renewal date - £24.95, 6-9 months to renewal date - £22.95, 3-6 months to renewal date - £19.95, 0-3 months to renewal date - £17.95.

All Syndicates agree to abide by the Reseller Agreement.